EMF Media


We are not your typical boring, wanna-be agency in this buzzing trending eCommerce game.

You can call us a growth incubator for startups & brand builders in Europe where we have proven success in the market.

We don’t work with established brands. Instead, we build and scale brands from scratch.

It’s not a secret, we have helped grow brands from 0 to 8 figures in less than 2 years & done it multiple times operating underground 👻.

How did we do that? Well, we do full Growth Marketing Stack: paid media, email, CRO, influencer & celebrity marketing, brands partnership & build overall direct response marketing and so much more.

Now if you’re hungry for some numbers. No problem. Here they are:

- The brands and founders we work with generated 100M€ altogether during the last 2 years.

- We’ve spent over 20M€ on marketing spend so far.

- We get our clients partnerships with the biggest influencers & celebrities in the world. Basically, you name it.

- Some of our client shops are among the top Shopify stores in some European countries.

- We are the first ambassador partner for Snapchat in Europe.

- We’ve had 1M€ a week milestone hit multiple times & hit 1M€ a day milestone already!