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Aug 26

About Inarix

We're a young startup providing computer vision (with deep learning) services for agriculture. Our first products provide smartphone-based alternatives to expensive hardware analyzers providing cereals quality measurements. After a successful proof-of-concept in 2018 which allowed us to acquire our first customers we are now expanding to more use-cases and more clients both in France and abroad. Over the last 18 months we went from a team of 2 to 15+, analyzed tens of thousands tons of cereal and won BPIFrance's famous startup prize: iLab.


About the product

We built a deep learning platform to provide prediction services for agriculture at scale. Our clients use a smartphone to diagnose their production through images. The platform is backed by several bleeding-edge technologies such as Kubernetes and Kubeflow. Those frameworks are integrated in a custom-built platform which allows Inarix to deliver *production* Deep Learning at scale, while empowering a very dynamic Data Science team which works on many products candidates and constantly improves and refresh existing ones. Unlike more classic vision applications, building products for agriculture is particularly challenging because crops have a large variability over time and geographic zones. In this aspect, Inarix has specialized in delivering not only static AI product, but putting in place refreshments processes so we constantly catch-up with Mother Nature's variability. At last, we built and aim to continue grow a true platform where modularity is extremely high. We want to be able to scale to new products, agricultural products and use-cases as fast as the market pulls us.

About the position

As a Full-Stack Software Engineer, you will have a very broad contribution to a variety of systems, tools and workloads. The main ones being:

  • The core API that coordinates most workloads. From client-facing predictions requests, to data flows enriching our database, to client-specific configurations for our app, backoffice processes, client-facing admin portal etc.
  • Our analytics systems that make our large and ever-growing database accessible to our data scientists and ML automated pipelines in a snap.
  • The Inference engine that dispatches and delivers GPU-accelerated inferences for both real-time and batch needs

With growth, our architecture will need to evolve and you'll be on the front-line to explore and implement future-proof systems, while maintaining the highest level of service reliability. We are in production, so CI/CD processes and multi-level testing is absolutely key to be able to develop, test and innovate without impacting our clients.

Scaling our activity and operations requires improved automation and proper tooling. You'll contribute to our internal librairies and create, improve and maintain tools - from deamons to CLI's to webapps to slack integrations - that will make our life easier and our team more productive.  

You now get it, your are a Jack of all trades, and we have the pace and needs to propose you new and diverse challenges where you can leverage your diverse expertises and learn new skills. You'll be a core player in our growing software engineering team, and report to the Head of Soft.Eng. 

Inarix is a remote-oriented company: we work mostly in a distributed fashion. We will provide the equipment and means for you to work properly from your home, a co-working space or an internet-connected tree-house. We value this flexibility and the diversity it fosters.

Although we are mainly digitally (ultra) connected, we value and regularly organize in-person meetings. We have 4 company-wide annual meetings and you should plan for an additional 1 meetings/ month for this position. Most meetings will be held in Paris, so the accessibility of Paris from where you are will affect how much you'll need to travel. For most French Metropolitan cities, travel & accommodation costs will be covered for all meetings.

  • If you plan to be principally outside of France: we'll require you to work within 3 hours of the french time-zone; we may require a french fiscal residency or pay you as a contractor or through third-party companies; a specific travel package will be agreed upon along with your salary. We work in English and encourage non-French speakers to apply.

Requirements & qualifications


- 2+ years work experience on systems in production

- Experience in both backend and web-apps

- Software Architectures & Design patterns

- Back-end architectures & Design patterns

- NodeJS + Typescript

- ReactJS (redux) or alternatives

- Experience with at least one testing framework

- PostgreSQL

- Git, Github or alternatives

- Docker, docker-compose

- English (good written and spoken English)

- Rigorous, Pro-active, Autonomous


- Python (Django, flask), Golang

- Experience with AWS or GCP

- Argo Workflows, Argo CD,

- Kubernetes, Kubeflow, DevOps tool

- FeathersJS, Express, Sequelize, Objection.js,

- Elasticsearch, MongoDB, AWS, gcloud

- Production-ready Deep Learning Serving

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