Community Development Manager


CET +/- 2 hours Remote


60k€ (annually)

Mar 23

This job is no longer accepting applications.

  • 🏅 Expérience de 5 ans minimum
  • 💰 Package: 60 K€ + Stock options (Adjustable based on experience)
  • 👨‍💻Time zone: CET +/- 2 hours
  • 🗣 Minimum: French C1 + English C1, wished: French C2 + English C2

Technical requirements: bash scripting, basic Linux, basic Github, basic video making, basic photo editing, WordPress, Reddit, Twitter, Discourse, Gitter.

Skills: Team player, creative, very responsive, communication master, you think long term and love to automate most tasks.

Plus: You can prove meaningful expertise in community creation and expansion.

Security and/or open-source exp.


  • Grow our community of users, contributors & ambassadors
  • Identify user groups that would benefit from our software
  • Interact with and organize the community
  • Partake and moderate discussions in Reddit, Discourse & Gitter threads
  • Partake in user support
  • Be a bridge between users and the core dev team
  • Content creation for the community
  • Automation of cross-posting, follow up, tracking, and social networks
  • Identify and leverage the best communication channels to reach new users

Who we are: CrowdSec is a human-sized team of experts in their fields, very well-financed. Most of the team works remotely since day 1. Our software is used in 90 countries worldwide by thousands of users and we intend to get millions of them. We are animated by a mission: making the Internet a safer place, all together.

What we are up to: Our mission is to deter opportunist and organized Cybercrime, through an Internet-scale, real-time, security network. This network is powered by thousands of users, sharing with one another the aggression they blocked with our open-source software. By coupling this local behavior analysis (think 2021 fail2ban) and sharing its findings within our community, we create a Crowd-Sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence of unprecedented magnitude, that will counter the vast majority of technical hacks. 

What you get: Rewarding salary, stock options, eye-opening, behind-the-curtain, adventure in the field of cybersecurity, experience sharing with repeat entrepreneurs, and a job with a greater purpose. Become a Cyber-security community guru. Good chances you could be part of an industry-defining adventure, in its early days.

Job, at a glance 

We look for a communicative, detail-oriented person fluent in several languages without mistakes, already experimented in community building/handling.

Our community is growing at a great pace with people from 90 countries. We are looking for our community manager to organize, lead and interact with this international group. The role is both a technical and a marketing one.

You will be CrowdSec's focal community focal point. That means providing its members with the company's latest news, software releases, organizing contests, hosting events (off and online) following-up on community feedback, questions, queries, partaking in the roadmap, etc. You will be responsible to communicate on social networks, identify communications vectors to reach current & future user segments, keep them always more engaged so they start contributing to the product. You will also be in charge of managing our ambassadors, contributors, and recruiting new ones.

You interact with the "Packager", the person creating tools, scenarios, scripts, and packages to help the various communities you identified to adopt & use the software. You can feature yourself in how-to videos to show how to do certain things with the software and edit simple codes/configurations. You can write blog posts as well and like to interact, entertain, organize.

It's a very complete position, sitting exactly between our dev and marketing teams. This is a great opportunity for you to collaborate with an experienced and passionate team of security professionals, fully dedicated to the project. Come & apply.

Knowledge of open source and/or security ecosystems is a plus, basic Linux skills are relevant too. Fluent (both written and spoken) English with a very clear accent is mandatory, passion for interaction is compulsory.

We totally understand someone covering all this is rare & exceptional. If it's you, you're hired, if not but you cover most of the spectrum, we'll train you and the job is yours!

At CrowdSec, our priority is to deliver great, robust, and versatile open-source software to offer digital protection to the greatest number. Our community is our greatest strength and by growing it, we will outnumber hackers. Are you in to tackle the biggest challenge of this decade? Come & apply!

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